1. What is HARA?


The Hughes Aircraft Retirees Association, also known as HARA, was founded in 1986 by a group of retirees of the Hughes Aircraft Company.


  1. What is the purpose of HARA?


The purpose of HARA is to provide a forum to continue friendships formed while working for the same company.


  1. Who is eligible to join?


Eligibility for membership in HARA is extended to all retirees, former employees, their spouse, surviving spouses, and friends thereof; of Hughes Aircraft Company, Hughes Electronics, or any current organization with Hughes Legacy such as Raytheon, Boeing, or Kinecta Federal Credit Union. All individuals eligible for membership are encouraged to attend all HARA activities.


  1. What is included in my membership fee?


For the membership fee of $10.00 per year, the member receives a newsletter published four times a year.  This newsletter tells of current events of the organization, planned luncheons, trips, special events, or any information we receive about what fellow retirees are doing now, and any significant events that  might be of interest to fellow retirees. 


  1. Do you have regularly scheduled meetings?


Yes, we have luncheon meetings in April, July, and October of each year. These meetings usually include a speaker on a topic of interest to retirees.

of each year.  These meetings usually include a speaker on a topic of interest to retirees.


  1. Who manages this organization and plans the various events?


The Board of Directors serves on the various committees that plan the HARA events.


  1. What is the size of the HARA membership?


There are currently approximately 900 paid HARA members.            


  1. How do I join?


Send your name and address along with your check for $10.00 for each year made to “HARA” to HARA, Attn: Membership, P.O. Box 54, Palos Verdes Estates, CA 90274-0054. Click here for a membership application.


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